Quarantine Quest: Get Outside Missaukee County!

Quarantine Quest: Get Outside Missaukee County!

Complete 10 challenges and receive a cool Missaukee Conservation District cinch sac!


Please remember to practice safe social distancing while doing the Quarantine Quest.



  • Quest is for Missaukee County residents only.
  • Quest will run from April 15, 2020 to July 31, 2020.
  • All 10 challenges must be completed to earn a cinch sac.
  • Challenges can be completed in your backyard, neighborhood, a park, or a nature trail.
  • When you have completed the quest please bring the completed challenges to our office to pick up your cinch sac.
  • Please call 231.839.7193 before visiting our office.
  • We are located at 6180 West Sanborn Road, Lake City, MI
  • There are Quest packets located in a brochure holder at our trail head and beside our office door
  • If you have any questions or need us to print and mail the challenges please email Andrea Mayer at andrea.mayer@macd.org.

Local Trails

Save the worksheets or pictures and bring the 10 completed challenges to our office for your cinch sac.

Challenge 1

  • Habitat Hunt: Search for habitat elements for different animals
  • Print this worksheet, pick a wild animal and use the worksheet to find food, water, cover, and a place to raise their young.
  • Habitat Hunt Worksheet 

Challenge 2

  • Spring Nature Walk: Go on a sensory nature walk
  • Print this resource and use the worksheet to record what you find on your walk
  • Spring Sensory Nature Walk

Challenge 3

Challenge 4

  • All About My Tree: Draw a picture and tell about your tree
  • Print the worksheet
  • Print the worksheet and tell about the tree from Challenge 3
    • Draw your tree and identify the parts of the tree
    • Tell about how big your tree is and what lives near it
    • Draw pictures of the things trees need to survive
  • All About My Tree

Challenge 5

  • Make A Leaf Rubbing: Turn leaves into art
  • Find some leaves- they can be ones that have fallen off of trees
  • Follow the directions for making a tree rubbing
  • Leaf Rubbings Directions

Challenge 6

  • Play Buddy Bison’s Backyard Bingo- choose activities to do outdoors
  • Print the bingo card and instructions
  • Follow the instructions on the card for filling out the bingo card
  • Notice that some of the bingo activities are quest challenges
  • Buddy Bison Bingo

Challenge 7

  • Make a Bird Feeder: Use recycled materials to make a bird feeder and place it in your yard
  • You can use these Audubon instructions for making a bird feeder or you can find instructions online for making bird feeders out of other recycled materials
  • How To Make A DIY Recycled Bird Feeder
  • Take a picture of the bird feeder in your yard 

Challenge 8

  • Be a Bird Sleuth: Use clues to identify a bird
  • Print the worksheets and use them to identify a bird in your yard or on a hike
  • Bird Sleuth

Challenge 9

  • Be a Wildlife Tracker: find tracks as you explore outdoors
  • Print the worksheet and take it with while you are on your walk. See what tracks you can find. 
  • Animal Tracks Scavenger Hunt

Challenge 10

  • Make a Nature Journal- follow the instructions to make your own nature journal. This would be a great place to keep your leaf rubbing.
  • Use the instructions for making the journal and decorate the cover
  • Nature Journaling

Save the worksheets or pictures and bring the 10 completed challenges to our office for your cinch sac.

Optional Challenge

  • Do a Recycling Word Search– find words to help you learn about which items can be recycled 
  • Print the word search and see how many words you can find
  • Recycling Raccoons Word Search