Tree Seedling Sale

Check back this winter for the 2019 sale details! It will take place Saturday, April 27 at the MSU AgBio Research Station, 5401 W. Jennings Road, Lake City.

Plan your spring planting project now! 

Over 20, mostly native, tree & shrub seedlings and nine different fruit cultivars are available through the Missaukee Conservation District Seedling and Conservation Product Sale for 2018.  Pictured above (left to right): Douglas Fir–a soft needle, fragrant conifer most often planted for use as a Christmas tree; Ninebark returns this season, this easy-to-grow shrub adapts to poor soils and rocky sites as well as more favorable sites; ‘Fall Gold’ Yellow Raspberry is a honey sweet, and vigorous and hardy variety.

Pheasants Forever seed mixes will once again be available. Order through the Conservation District to receive our partner discount! (already applied to prices listed) Visit PF Habitat Store for each mix’s species list. **Species are subject to change based on availability at the time of shipment.

Not sure what to choose? Our staff can help you decide based on your soils. All plants available are suited to Missaukee County’s hardiness zone. Contact us at 839.7193.

 Thank you to our 2018 catalog sponsors for making this production possible!  You can view the catalog  here.

To receive a catalog in the mail next year, call our office to make sure your address is on the list and/or updated!