About Native Plants

About Native Plants

We Love Native Species! 

Serviceberry is one of the earliest understory trees to flower in the forests of northern lower Michigan.
  • Native plants are great for our wildlife, soils, and local climate conditions!
  • They are great for any landscape and are highly tolerant to our year-round weather conditions.
  • Native plants can adapt to poor quality soils because of their extensive root systems.
  • They are drought tolerant and require less maintenance.
  • Native plants also provide wildlife benefits like providing food and places to live

The Missaukee Conservation District is dedicated to offering species adapt to our region.

Our goal is to educate about the importance of native plants and their connection to pollinators and native wildlife.

We also provide opportunities for the public to purchase native plants locally and for affordable prices.

Every year we hold a Tree Seedling Sale the last weekend in April and a Native Plant Sale the last weekend in September.

 Native Plant Sale Information

The annual tree seedling sale may contain a few non-native species. As partners of North Country Invasive Species Management Area (NCCISMA) we do not offer non-native plants that are considered invasive.