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Year round products such as the items below as well as tree tags, coco disks, and Mosquito Barrier are available for pick up or purchase at our office. For information about our Annual Tree Seedling Sale or Native Plant Sale, visit the tabs above. Please call 231.839.7193 if you have any questions.

The 2017-19 Missaukee  County Plat Books are available!

$25 per Plat Book, $5 shipping

Plat books may also be picked up at the following locations:

A & L, Lake City
City to Shore Real Estate, Lake City
Ebels, Falmouth
Falmouth Co-op in Falmouth and McBain
Horizon Book Store, Cadillac
Lake City Chamber of Commerce
Manton Pro Hardware
McBain Grain
McBain Hardware
Millers Corner, Lake City
Missaukee Conservation District
Missaukee Title, Lake City
Whipples, Moorestown

30-gallon, heavy duty trash bags

$5 a single bag, $20 for 5 bags, and $35 for 10 bags.

Your trash output will be reduced when you recycle. So make it a One Stop Drop and bring your trash AND recycling to the Missaukee County Recycling Center.  Trash and recycling are to be taken to the Missaukee County Recycling Center in separate containers. Recycling remains free! Visit the Recycling tab for accepted items and more information.

You can also purchase trash bags at A&L and Missaukee County Treasurer’s Office, Lake City and McNally’s, McBain.

Pheasants Forever Seed Mixes

Seed mix contents may change over time due to availability; check PF website at PFHabitatStore for updates. 
Nine different seed mixes are offered at this time.
Receive a 5% discount when you order through the district!


GEOBIN Composting System, $40

Ideal for all levels,  from beginner to master gardener. Use your own yard and kitchen waste to beautify your outdoor environment with little effort.
Ventilated, lightweight, movable design.
Bins can be resized from 2 to 4′ diameter with a maximum size of 216 gallons.
Could also be used as a vertical potato container to maximize garden space. 



Plantskydd, starting at $22

Proven effective for up to six months. With a base of vegetable fat to bind blood meal to your plant, the unpleasant odor repels animals for months. Requires a 24 hour set period with no precipitation. Certified OMRI organic.



Mosquito Barrier, available for $25/quart or $80/gallon

Guaranteed to keep mosquitoes at bay if used correctly. 99.3% garlic which is toxic to mosquitoes will repel them for days but becomes odorless to people in a few hours. 
Quart concentrate covers 1.25 acres.



Image result for topo maps image

Topographical Map, $10

Contour lines show elevation of the land.
Also shows streets, streams, wooded areas and more.
An excellent resource for those who really need to know the lay of the land.
Please provide township, section, and address when ordering–these maps are in quadrants that may include parts of more than one township.
*Township maps are available only as Plat-style, contact our office for more information.


Products for Tree plantings:

Marking Flags, $0.20 per flag

Fluorescent pink flag on 18″ metal stake
Available as singles or in larger quantities.

CocoDisc, two sizes available: $2/11.5″ diameter, $4/23.5″ diameter

Made from natural, biodegradable coconut fiber. 
–controls weeds
–reduces water evaporation 
–allows air to penetrate 
–does not trap heat
Thick and heavy enough to stay in place even in windy conditions. Great for potted plants, too.

Tree Tags, $3 for 10 tags, $5 for 25 tags

Aluminum: These convenient tags can be written on with pencil, pen or any pointed instrument. The embossed mark will stay visible through weather, dirt, grease and pitch. Size is 1” x 4” with a 9” wire. 

Slip ‘N Lock:  7″ x 5/8″ LDPE plastic tree tags are gentle enough for delicate trees.
Easily written on with permanent marker & attached to tree branches. Perfect for delicate trees.
Offered in White only.