Missaukee Conservation District

Hours, Board and Staff

We are open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 pm with the exception of Federal Holidays and the day after Thanksgiving. At times, due to the nature of our work, we are in the field. If you call, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Missaukee County Recycling Center, 6240 W. Sanborn Road, is open Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm. 

Board of Directors

  • Susan Schwager, Chair

  • Bob Haskin, Vice Chair

  • Marcia Rackov, Director

  • Paul Sawin, Director

  • Sue Nyce, Director

  • Frank Vanderwal, Missaukee County Commissioner Liaison

 District Staff

{} has been added to our email address to avoid spam. They aren’t part of the true email address.

  • Sherry L. Blaszak, District Manager, sherry.blaszak{@}macd.org

  • Nicole Gallop, Compost Educator/Lead Recycling Coordinator, nicole.gallop{@}macd.org

  • Cheryl Crane, Administrative Assistant & Recycling Laborer, cheryl.crane{@}macd.org

  • Jodi DeHate, MAEAP Technician, jodi.dehate{@}macd.org

  • Andrea Mayer, Education Coordinator, andrea.mayer{@}macd.org

  • Tom Lutke, Program Coordinator, Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Agent, tom.lutke{@}macd.org

  • Jeff Fewless, CTAI Technician, jeff.fewless{@}mi.nacdnet.net

  • Larry Czelusta, Outreach Forester, larry.czelusta{@}macd.org

  • Kevin Holmes, Recycling Laborer

  • Crystal Perry, Recycling Laborer

  • Vicki Sawicki, Invasive Species Coordinator, vicki.sawicki{@}macd.org


  • Jim Williams, District Conservationist, jim.williams{@}mi.usda.gov