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We have natural deer repellent, mosquito barrier, flags and trash bags for use at the Missaukee County Recycling Center available as well as the Missaukee County Plat Book. The Missaukee County Plat Book can be mailed for $5 additional; our other products are available for pick up at our office. Call 231.839.7193 if you have any questions.


 Plantskydd $22 – $55, depending on formula purchased



 MBQuart   $25 per quart. MBgallon$80 per gallon

Mosquito Barrier repels mosquitoes with a 99.3% garlic oil concentrate.
It won’t harm pets.

flag $0.20 per marking flag

 $25 per Plat Book, $5 shipping

Plat books may also be picked up at the following locations:

A & L, Lake City

Ebels, Falmouth

Falmouth Co-op in Falmouth and McBain

Horizon Book Store, Cadillac

Lake City Chamber of Commerce

Manton Pro Hardware

McBain Grain

McBain Hardware

Millers Corner, Lake City

Missaukee Title, Lake City

Wexford Conservation District, Cadillac

Whipple’s, Moorestown

Our 30 gallon heavy duty trash bags are $5 a single bag, $20 for 5 bags, and $35 for 10 bags. Bring your trash AND recycling to the Missaukee County Recycling Center.  Your trash output will be reduced when you recycle. Trash and recycling are to be taken to the Missaukee County Recycling Center in separate containers. Recycling remains free!

You can also purchase trash bags at A&L and Missaukee County Treasurer’s Office, Lake City and McNally’s, McBain.