Native Plant Sale

Workshop, Sale and pre-order pick-up will be held Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Festival of the Pines!

Missaukee Conservation District native plant sale and native plant workshop will be held at the Lake City Fire Station. Workshop will be 10 am to Noon, sale and pre-order pick-up will be Noon to 2 pm. Special thanks to our partners: Lake City Chamber of Commerce and the Lake City Fire Department.

Bring in your mystery plants for help with identification! NCCISMA will be on hand to help you identify between natives and invasives and offer information about which invasive species need your immediate attention. How to bring a good sample:
  • Try to pull the whole plant. Roots, fruits and/or flowers are all useful in identification.
  • Wrap the roots in a damp paper towel and put in a plastic bag to keep the sample fresh.
  • If you do not want to pull the plant: take a photo of the plant laid out as best as possible. Put a ruler or other measuring device in the photo for scale. Take photos of fruits, flowers, and leaves.
  • For photos or live samples write down what type of habitat it was found in (field, wetland edge, etc.).

We Love Native Species!

Native plants are great for any landscape and are highly tolerant to our year-round weather conditions. Native plants can adapt to poor quality soils because of their extensive root systems.  They are drought tolerant and require less maintenance.  With proper installation practices, establishment may be less than 2 years. Once established, maintenance of native plants is much less than cultivars, many of which require high amounts of watering, pruning, and winter protection.

Native grasses and wildflowers also provide wildlife benefits as they attract insects that are food sources for game and song birds. They provide nesting and resting areas as well as cover from predators.  Some serve as areas of thermal protection during the winter months and grasses are high in nutrients as forage for grazers.  The seed heads of wildflowers are also a good food source for many species of wildlife.

Garden kits are available for pre-order August 20 until September 3 online only. Single species flats (38-plugs) and quarts will be available for walk-in purchases. These native plants are ideal for a variety of different pollinators and wildlifeNative Plant List-18 is a list of species that may be available on sale day. The web links for each specie (when available August 20) will help you choose the plants for your specific site, or call our office to discuss possibilities. Several of the species offered are featured in Missaukee Conservation District gardens, stop by to view! 

Garden Kits:

  • Wildflower
  • Butterfly
  • Monarch 
  • Pollinator 
  • Rain Garden
  • Shade
  • Grassland

Each kit includes a 38-plant flat of mixed plant species and a design plan that takes the guess work out of installing a beautiful garden. Plans are designed for a 4 by 10 foot area.

Native Plant Workshop

Presented by Garrett Noyes, native plant expert. Garrett’s knowledge and experience are transmitted through a comprehensive workshop that includes planting guidelines and information on the more than 100 native Michigan species. Workshop is $5 per Missaukee County landowner; $10 per non-Missaukee County landowner, please RSVP by September 7–online or at our office. Thank you to Missaukee County voters for supporting the millage that assists in paying for education programs!

Our goal is to educate about the importance of native plants and their connection to pollinators and native wildlife. Native plants are just one option of the many landscape possibilities.

Proceeds from the Native Plant sale will support maintenance and expansion of our demonstration gardens on the Missaukee County grounds & Conservation District trail at our office location on Sanborn Road. Visit us to see how you can help or adopt a garden bed for your group, club, family, or individually!