Resources and Tools for Farmers

There are a lot of great online tools and resources specifically for farmers, but which ones are really great? Jodi has compiled many resources that are easy to use and have a lot of good, unbiased information.

  1. Enviroweather:  This is a MSU tool that can give information on Growing Degree Days, Rainfall, pest emergence, etc… Make sure to change the weather station at the top to the weather station nearest you. Missaukee Conservation District helped fund the weather station in McBain. Other local stations are in Arlene and in Kalkaska.
  2. MSU Weeds: updates from MSU on pesticides, IPM, and pest issues. Another robust site from MSU.
  3. Well logic– This site can help you find your well record.  No need to log in, just start searching. Pro Tip: use the County, Township, Section search. That tends to find most wells the best.
  4. Web Soil Survey- this one is a bit trickier to navigate, but it tells the user what soil types can be found at most locations. To start click on the big green dot. On the next page find the address tab on the left side and enter in an address. Use the navigation buttons above the picture to help you out.
  5. MSU Field Crop page: this page has a ton of great information packed into it, explore this page!
  6. Driftwatch: register your field or site for the specialty crops you grow or beehives. This helps other farmers know where to be even more careful with their pesticide applications.
  7. Midwest Cover Crop website: this site can help you select cover crops for your area and your goals. Great website for all growers, big and small!

Do you have another great site that you think should be added to this page? Email or call Jodi at: or 231.839.7193.