Agriculture Articles

Agriculture Articles

Jodi DeHate, MAEAP technician, has been writing articles for the Cadillac News as part of the ongoing Conservation Corner feature on Tuesdays in the Cadillac News. She’s gotten several requests to post articles so they can be referenced and read again.

Beyond writing articles for the Cadillac News, Jodi has been interviewed for national news outlets. Links here to those articles:

Rural Broadband by Jenny Splitter at Forbes

Farmer Mental Health & AgTwitter- Courtney Vinopal, PBS News Hour

Ag Now Magazine article on To Till or Not to Till – November 2018 issue.

Ag Now Magazine on Advocating for Agriculture – February 2019 issue

Ag Now Magazine article on Manure – June 2019 issue

Here are the articles from the past four years with the most recent being at the top.

Sustainable Farming – MAEAP & what it does

Tiling – more than laying pipe.

Hype vs Reality_06-19-2018 An honest conversation on crop production practices.

Upgrade the Farm_1-09-2018 Energy efficiency on the Farm.

You Want Fries with That_09-19-2017 Potato production that conserves the land.

Local Beef Production_07-24-2017 

Greenhouse growing-8.29.17  

Dairy Done Differently- 8.8.17

Managing Weeds-6.6.17

To Till or Not to Till- 4.25.17

Growing More with Less_03-07-2017

Agriculture Education_02-07-2017 Opportunities in schools to learn more about agriculture.

Tis the Season_12-06-2016

The Smell of Money_10-25-2016

Ag Bags_09-06-2016



Water Quality_ 4-19-2016

Milky Way Part 2_ 3-29-2016

Dairy Farming Milky Way_2-23-2016

Agriculture Technology – Crops_1-26-2016

Start with the Soil_12-08-2015

Article 008_Reducing Farming’s Risk to the Environment_11-10-2015 – MAEAP, what it’s really about.