Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Missaukee Conservation District is concerned about the threat that invasive species pose to our natural resources and is a founding partner of the North Country Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area.

To learn more about preventing and controlling invasive species in our area, please visit or contact Vicki Sawicki, Invasive Species Coordinator at (231) 429-5072 or

Click the link below to see this video from MDEGLE on the New Zealand Mud Snail and learn how you can prevent this invasive species from spreading in Michigan. 


 Be part of the solution!

Help map invasive species throughout Missaukee County. Visit
Using a free app for your smartphone called MISIN, biologists are asking for your help as they develop and provide an early detection and rapid response resource for invasive species.

The goal of this regional resource is to assist both experts and citizen scientists in the detection and identification of invasive species in support of the successful management of invasive species.

Using your smartphone, you can:

  • Identify and report 300+ invasive plant and animal species
  • Capture and submit species observations from the field
  • Include images taken in the field with your observation
  • Browse images and species information on the top Midwest invaders

Follow the easy to use tutorial to get started or call our office for help.