Forest Soils – May 10, 2017
Cadillac, MI
Presenter Trevor Hobbs will provide natural resource workers as well as landowners with a better understanding of forest soils.  Objectives are to assist forest management plan writers to better integrate soils information into management plans, evaluating the effects of past practices on forest productivity, and evaluating forest site soils for planting recommendations.
This workshop offers CFE credits. Contact District Forester Larry Czelusta at 231-775-7681 ext 3 or email for more information. There is a $10 charge for this workshop.

Stream Team: Stream Monitoring Event – Saturday, May 20 from 10-2 p.m.
Ben Jeffs Park
Small teams of volunteers will work together to take samples from local rivers and streams. A fun project for families, scout groups or individuals! Who should attend? Anyone who likes to play in the stream, explore aquatic habitats, or help check the health of your community. This is a great event to meet new people and explore the bugs that live in our streams. Data collected is part of a statewide effort. Lunch, drinks and equipment provided. Bring your own boots! Register by May 17 at 231.839.7193.

Stream Team: Identification Event – Tuesday, May 23 from 6-8 p.m.
Do you have experience with bug identification? Or perhaps a general interest in conservation, biology, or trout fishing? If so, we welcome your help identifying the aquatic insects collected during the May 20 Collection Event. During this event volunteers will help identify macro-invertebrates collected from stream sites during this spring’s monitoring events. Register by May 17 at 231.839.7193.

Chainsaw Safety – June 10, 2017  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Career Tech Center, Cadillac
A chainsaw is arguably the most dangerous hand-tool known to mankind. Yet, it can be purchased without proof of qualifications or a certification. The course is offered by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration and taught by instructor Chuck Oslund, retired surveyor and firefighter for the USDA Forest Service. His seminars teach why each saw operator must have a safety system, the elements of a good safety system, mental aspects of safety, safer chainsaw handling techniques, and the state-of-the-art safest way to fall a large diameter tree. If you currently operate a chainsaw, or plan to purchase a saw in the future, you need to be aware of these concepts to help you use it safely. The workshop is free of charge. Pre-register by contacting District Forester Larry Czelusta at 231-775-7681 ext 3 or email for more information. Lunch and snack will be provided, $10 donation requested.

What to do with an old Christmas tree farm – July 29, 2017 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Cadillac, Michigan.
Are you the owner of an abandoned Christmas tree farm and want to convert it to a more natural and manageable forest, but are frustrated with how to get it done. You are not alone.  This workshop will discuss the challenges and opportunities of Christmas tree farm conversion.  This workshop should give you a practical plan to making your conversion happen.  Pre-register by July 21 is required. Contact District Forester Larry Czelusta at 231-775-7681 ext 3 or email for more information. There is a $10 charge for this workshop.

Ties to the Land – Generational Forestland Transition – September 16, 2017 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  
Grand Traverse Conservation District, Traverse City, MI
This day-long workshop will be a great starting point for any family wanting to learn how to “hand down” their forest land to the next generation. Ties to the Land is a program that will help you in practical ways to facilitate family succession as well as estate planning. Families are encouraged to participate together if possible.  Registration is $65 for the first family member and $15 for additional members. Registration covers a 76 page workbook, CD-ROM, extra handouts, snacks and lunch.  Pre-register by Sept. 9. Contact District Forester Larry Czelusta at 231-775-7681 ext 3 or email for more information. 


This program is available to any Missaukee County landowner that would like to know and understand the make-up of their soil. Whether you are a commercial farmer or home gardener, you can take advantage of this incentive. All you have to do is have your soil tested, bring the results and a receipt to the Missaukee Conservation District where you will be partially reimbursed for the testing costs. The program is being funded by the 2014 millage.

Why test your soil?

  • Choose the correct fertilizers and give your plants only the nutrients they really need
  • Helps avoid excessive fertilizer use, saving you time and money
  • Protects the environment
  • Prevents possible plant damage
  • Improves crop yield and plant growth

Have questions? Contact Jodi DeHate, MAEAP Technician at 231.839.7193 or

Attention classrooms, home schools or scout groups~ Now scheduling programs:

stellaluna2Basically Bats, preK – 2nd grade
Duration: 45 minutes
A seasonal activity, timed with Halloween, called “Basically Bats” is now available for scheduling. Appropriate for pre-K to 2nd grade, this 45-minute program compares the similarities between birds and bats. The program is free, thanks to the 2014 Missaukee Conservation District millage. We will:

  • Read Stellaluna, the award-winning book by Janelle Cannon
  • Discuss bat facts, myths and a bit about Michigan’s bats
  • Address key standards: animal adaptations, predator-prey relationships, senses
  • “Bat – Moth” initiative – an interactive game where students take on the role of a bat and “echolocate” to find food
  • Make and take – create a paper glider, the size and weight of an average Michigan bat

Schedule a program for your students today! Your location or ours!