Summer Programs

New this summer! Join staff and expert entomologists for workshops, presentations, and hands-on activities with bugs. From stream monitoring to nocturnal collections, there is something for everyone. Join us on these dates:

June 15: Pond Study at the Ardis Missaukee Library, 10 am. Learn about the aquatic insects and their relatives living in our ponds. Identify live specimens to help score the water quality and health of the pond; test the chemical characteristics of the water, too.


June 23: Adult flying insects at the Clam River, dusk. Join entomologist, Duke Elsner, to collect adult insect flying around the river at night. RSVP required by Wednesday June 21.


July 7: Pinning and preserving your terrestrial insects at Missaukee Conservation District Community Room. Specimens and pins will be provided. Learn how to pin your insects, how to display, and the tools to preserve.


July 13: Bee Box at the Ardis Missaukee Library, 10 am. Build a bee box, learn about native bees, and how they live. Supplies will be provided for the bee box.


August 11: Moth collection, location TBD, at dusk. Duke Elsner leads another dusk collection targeting night flying moths. Identify these elusive relatives of the daytime butterflies. RSVP is required by Wednesday August 9.


August 25: Monarch tagging (middle photo above) at Missaukee Conservation District. Learn about Journey North and the Monarch tagging project. Visit the district’s native gardens to search for and collect Monarchs for tagging.


May 25: Re-purpose craft at Merritt Golden Agers, 10 am
Craft patriotic windsocks from re-purposed tin cans. Fun for the garden or patio and just in time for Memorial Day!


June 15: DIY Compost Tumbler at Missaukee Recycling Center, 6 pm
Make your own compost tumbler for your backyard! Supplies will be provided to create the tumbler. Details, cost, and tools pending. Call Becky Bode for more information or to sign up.


June 27: Build a Better World at McBain Library, 10:30 am
Learn about recycling and compost and how they contribute to building a better world. Make a re-purposed craft to take home.

Call Missaukee Conservation District at 839.7193 for more information, dates, and locations. We hope you join us this summer!