Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in volunteering please download the fillable PDF Volunteer Application Form and submit it by:

Volunteer Application Fillable Form

  1. Emailing it to dru.mark-wilson@macd.org
  2. Dropping it off to our office
  3. Faxing it to 231.839.5411
  4. Mail it to Attn: Volunteer Coordinator, Missaukee Conservation District, 6180 West Sanborn Road, Lake City, MI 49651

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Contact Cheryl at cheryl.crane@macd.org or submit through the form at the right. 
mayfly larva 50 stroud center
Stream Team
 Volunteers help monitor water quality in our streams and rivers by collecting and identifying aquatic macro-invertebrates. It’s a fun activity for families, educators or individuals. Monitoring general takes place in the spring and fall. Additional dates may be added as educational events, where we welcome volunteers to teach alongside staff.  Interested in learning more? Details of these events are posted on our Workshops & Events page.  Contact michelle.hill@macd.org, Program Coordinator, for more information.

Trails and Gardens Missaukee Conservation District maintains a trail system and native plant demonstration gardens at our Lake City headquarters. We are always in need of gardeners to help maintain these features. We are also currently seeking grants to refurbish several garden areas and add educational components throughout the trail system.Contact michelle.hill@macd.org, Program Coordinator, for more information.

Learn about Invasive species and report them using the MISIN smart phone app. Learn more at this link. We have staff available to teach your business, lake association or organization about the threat invasive species pose and how to eradicate them best.

Missaukee County Recycling Center could use help accepting materials from customers, picking up around the yard, mowing lawn, getting publications in the community, and promoting recycling in general. Contact nicole.gallop@macd.org, Recycling Center Coordinator & Educator, for more information.

Recent Events

worm composting mar 16 workshop 3

WORKSHOPS feature a variety of topics on composting, gardening, wildlife, agriculture and forestry. Visit Workshops page for details.  Interested in a special topic? Contact our office for topic requests. Pictured here is our prior Recycling and Compost Educator, Becky Bode, discussing composting using worms.

mcBain Bat Moth game 2016 1st grade

SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS are conducted by our staff and volunteers. They are available to present workshops and classes to K-12 and adult audiences. Call for details and topics. Pictured here is our previous Conservation Educator Laura Quist with 1st graders from McBain Elementary playing a game to demonstrate how bats use echolocation to find their insect prey!