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Have a special request? Give us a call and we can create a program to fit your needs, anything from GLECs to scout badge requirements.

Kelly Hansen – Conservation Educator. Kelly joined our staff in 2017. Kelly is passionate about ecological learning and teaching. She graduated from UNC-Asheville with a BS degree in both Biology and Environmental Studies. She is a hobby horticulturalist and most recently, she has become an MSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer. When she is not working at the Conservation District or volunteering to maintain garden areas, she enjoys hikes with her dog and being on the river.

Becky Bode – Compost & Recycling Educator
Composting and Vermiculture Workshops and Recycling Presentations

“Black gold” – just another name for compost because it is so valuable to your soils and healthy gardens. Learn the basics of backyard composting and composting with worms, known as vermiculture.  Becky can include a make-and-take session and help you build your own “worm bin,” getting a starter batch of your very own worms. Becky also coordinates our Recycling Center and holds certifications from the Michigan Recycling Coalition.

Kate Nietling – Stewardship Technician
Kate joined our staff in 2016. She has a BS in Environmental Biology/Zoology from Michigan State University and has worked in different areas of environmental science for eight years. She served two years as an AmeriCorps volunteer and is trained in Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. While stationed with the US Forest Service, Kate assisted with wildlife surveys and fire management efforts in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia.


Enter our 2017 Poster Contest!  Missaukee Conservation District annually hosts a Conservation Poster Contest. 

Theme for 2017: “Healthy Soils are Full of Life”. Winning entries in each age category move onto the State and National competitions for cash prizes. Entries may also be featured on our website, events and publications. Winners of our local contest move on to complete at State and National Contests, for cash prizes up to $200.

Our educators can be scheduled for presentations to your students to support this contest at your location or ours. Visit our N.E.W. Nature Trail and use our outdoor classroom for your program. Programs and materials are available free of charge, thanks to your support of the 2014 Missaukee Conservation District millage. Enter this spring, summer or fall. Call for details today!

Deadline: Completed entries with forms attached into our office by October 10, 2017.

Educator Resources for “Healthy Soils Are Full of Life” Conservation Poster Contest:

2017 PowerPoint Presentation An overview of soils, the contest rules, and elements of a good visual poster display.
2017 Resource List Websites, links and resources for further soil study!
2017 Contest Rules (Please read these first.)
2017 Entry Form(Must accompany each poster.)

Contact us to schedule a program.

Basically Bats, preK – 2nd grade
Duration: 45 minutes
A seasonal activity, timed with Halloween, called “Basically Bats” is now available for scheduling. Appropriate for pre-K to 2nd grade, this 45-minute program compares the similarities between birds and bats. The program is free, thanks to the 2014 Missaukee Conservation District millage. We will:

  • Read A Little Brown Bat Story, by Melissa Kim  (Author), Jada Fitch (Illustrator)
  • Discuss bat facts, myths and a bit about Michigan’s bats
  • Address key standards: animal adaptations, predator-prey relationships, senses
  • “Bat – Moth” initiative: an interactive game where students take on the role of a bat and “echolocate” to find food
  • Make and take: students create a paper glider, the size & weight of an average Michigan bat

NMCS 7th and 10th grade students take time in the field to monitor water quality in local streams. They are one of three schools and a 4-H club participating in this activity with our staff.

Loretta Slocum and her Lake City MS class have adopted a garden plot at our public gardens and will create a Monarch WayStation in 2017. Saving plants and starting seeds were just two of the activities which students have been involved (photos 1 & 2, left to right). Pollinator Club (photo 3) and Monarch tagging (photo 4) are just two examples of community activities put on by the district. Join us this spring, summer, and fall!