What is Stream Monitoring?

Part of a large state (and national) effort, stream monitoring recruits volunteers to collect data about their local bodies of water. In Missaukee County, stream monitoring is done on the Clam River (via Mrs. DeMott’s science class), Hopkins Creek & Manistee River (via volunteer leads Rick & Sue Nyce). The county is home to many creeks and rivers, and we are looking to monitor more areas. Stream Team members help monitor water quality in our streams and rivers by collecting and identifying aquatic macro-invertebrates. Collecting is fun, easy, and a great activity for families, educators, clubs, and individuals! With the help of experts, identifying the samples is pretty easy, too, and supplies a peek into the health of our streams.

Join us this Thursday, March 23 to learn more about stream monitoring. No obligations, this is an informational session to educate our community on the areas that are currently being monitored, the results of those efforts, and future plans. The session will be held at the Missaukee Conservation District (6180 W. Sanborn Road) in the Community Room, 6pm to 8pm. *This is a free workshop.

Aquatic insects are collected in nets
Identification of samples can be done on site or with microscopes
photos courtesy of Au Sable Institute