We Love Trees!

We Love Trees!

…and fruit, and shrubs,too! The Seedling Sale pre-order window has closed, but all are welcome to join us at the seedling pick-up day whether you pre-ordered or just want to browse the leftovers. The American Basswood is just one of the species that we will have available for purchase during the event.

Deciduous tree native to North America

American Basswood, Tilia americana, is a low maintenance, shade tree. The yellow June flowers attract butterflies and bees. This native tree’s range reaches north to Manitoba, Canada, so you know it’s a hardy, winter fighter! It can tolerate clay soils and drought, however it prefers rich loam soils and full sun. The height and spread of the branches make it a lovely shade tree for the backyard. The common name of basswood is derived from bastwood, in reference to the tough inner bark (bast) which has been used to make rope and mats.

The trees are commercially harvested, particularly in the Great Lakes region, for their light wood; and honey made from the nectar of these flowers is a prized gourmet item. Talk to Jeff Fewless, CTAI, about American Basswood and whether it is right for you! Call 231.839.7193 or chat at the Seedling Pick-up event. 



Fragrant, pale yellow blooms
A great shade tree








Missaukee Conservation District Seedling Sale pick-up is April 29, 2017 from 9am to 4 pm at the Baker College Lake City Campus, 4800 S. Morey Road. Visit our tree sale page or Facebook page to learn about the workshops available. RSVP for workshops by Wednesday April 26. 

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