Unplug to Recharge

Technology is an amazing industry and it keeps moving the human race forward. Don’t you feel like it can be too much sometimes? Ask any of my family members and they will tell you that I am difficult to get in touch with–I rarely answer my phone, and I don’t check my email on the weekends. Most of the time, I’m not sure where my phone is…I would wager that this is not normal for most people let alone people my age. The article (linked below) that was recently published in Reader’s Digest can say more about the need to unplug than I can. All I can say is that I strongly believe that camping and hiking without your devices is wonderful. I only have my personal experience as evidence, this article chats with someone who is actually doing research on the effects of outdoor exposure.

Missaukee Conservation District is currently hosting a “100 Miles in 100 Days” wellness initiative. While the article talks about being out for more than a half-hour, it seems like a good idea to take a break during your work day to step away from your desk, computer, or whatever it is that fills your work time and get outside. Again, I can only speak from my own experience. When the ideas stop flowing, or the joints begin to stiffen, just stepping outside for a few minutes can feel wonderfully refreshing. It may be too late to join our little 100 mile challenge, but it’s not too late to challenge yourself. A walk can be especially rejuvenating when stress and frustration are high. Listen to the birds and squirrels call to each other, smell the pine, and breath deeply the fresh air that surrounds you.

Is Nature Your Brain’s Miracle Medicine?