Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery

Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery

Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery

Featured Farm of the Month

New this month, a Missaukee County MAEAP verified farm will be featured every month.

Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery is the brain child of Jeanne Suggate. She and her supportive husband, Dan not only own and operate their trucking operation but now operate a dairy goat creamery right in our county! They are located at 3060 S. 9 Mile Road, Falmouth. The farm is aptly name Maple Leaf Farm since it is surrounded by what else? Maple trees.

The farm is 40 acres in size with about half being in hay for the dairy goats and some in pasture. Jeanne has over a 100 Nubian and Nubian cross dairy goats that they milk daily to produce some really great cheeses and fudge. The farm has a lovely store that sell those items, flavored vinegars, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, and goats’ milk soap.

Maple Leaf Farm and Creamery has been MAEAP verified since 2014. What does MAEAP verified mean exactly? MAEAP stands for Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. The name of the program is not a very good descriptor of all the good things it does. What it boils down to is that the farm has been verified to have reduced risks to the environment according to Michigan’s Right to Farm Law and best management practices. If you’re super interested in learning more about MAEAP you can go to or contact our office for more information.

So what did Jeanne and her crew have to do to be verified? Jodi DeHate, MAEAP technician sat down with Jeanne and asked her questions about the farm and gave her a list of items that needed to be done to meet those best management practices. Some things like soil testing records, water testing record, and really any records of things like manure spreading, fertilizer or soil amendments used, irrigation records, any type of pesticide usage- organic or not, need to be kept. Jeanne had some things done already and had to work on a few others. Jodi and Jeanne worked together and kept each other updated on how the farm was progressing and within a less than a year, Maple Leaf Farm was verified.

Jeanne has since become a fully licensed Grade a milk creamery and dairy. If you’ve never been out to the farm or shop you need to get there! Jodi’s favorite chevre cheese is the garlic lovers or the cherry and pecan chevre! Visit for more information since they are holding winter hours.


Jodi DeHate is the MAEP technician for Missaukee, Wexford, Kalkaska, and Crawford counties. Contact her at or 231.839.7193


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