Lions and Lambs

Lions and Lambs

If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.

Where does this stuff come from? There are several ideas ranging from astrological signs to religious signs. In a region where seasons really mean something, it seems to have more to do with the weather and the coming of spring. From February 1st (groundhog day) onward we just want winter to be over, that much is clear by these interesting…traditions. The forecast for the first few days of March are very tame and lamb-like, so the prediction suggests the end days of March will be the opposite, lion-like.

Whatever you believe, this March the saying coincides with World Wildlife Day (Saturday, March 3). This is a newer, world awareness day dedicated to wildlife set forth by the United Nations and supported by several conservation organizations. Each year focuses on a different theme and this year the theme is Big Cats–including Lions. These beautiful, majestic, and feared creatures are not only hunted illegally many of their habitats are shrinking or becoming fragmented. The Puma, or Mountain Lion/Cougar/Panther, is found in North America. Surprisingly, it’s status is of “least concern.” They have still suffered from significant habitat loss and their home range no longer includes the Eastern U.S. (various sighting say otherwise, but I’m not here to dispute or defend). Their status in Central and South America is largely unknown meaning there is a possibility numbers are declining. Least concern? Maybe on a global level and compared to the other big cats.

Our funny little traditions can have more meaning when we dig deep and make connections. The theme for World Wildlife Day will not always be Big Cats, but that doesn’t mean the issues have been solved. Conservation is an ongoing effort and this old world saying is a great reminder of the issues within and outside of our own little worlds.

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