Final Week to Pre-order

Final Week to Pre-order

Have you been thinking about ordering trees and just haven’t gotten around to actually placing your order? For all of you procrastinators, the time has come. Thursday, April 13 is the last day to pre-order your seedlings and other planting products! Your beautiful seedlings (aka baby trees, not more than 2′ tall) will arrive just in time to celebrate Arbor Day and finish out Earth Month with a conservation project! Here is the timeline:

  • April, everyday: Earth Month
  • April 13, Thursday: Last day to pre-order seedlings. This is the only way to guarantee you will get the trees you want. If you order after that date (on the website), some items may be sold out and you would be very sad.
  • April 22, Saturday: Earth Day! Volunteer at an event, pick up trash, go for a hike or a float through our scenic state forests and rivers, and rest easy that you ordered your trees.
  • April 27, Thursday: RSVP for one, some, or all of the workshops being held at the Seedling Sale Pick-up–online or call the office.
  • April 28, Friday: Arbor Day. Prepare the sites where you are going to plant your trees. To ensure their health and success, try to eliminate as much competition from other plants (mainly grasses) as possible.
  • April 29, Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm: Missaukee Conservation District Seedling Sale Pick-up! New location is Baker College Lake City Campus–4800 S. Morey Road, Lake City. There will be workshops throughout the day, donuts and coffee, chit-chat with staff about your conservation ideas and questions, and painting with Sandy Wiltzer. For you procrastinators that waited until today–there will be a small selection of trees, shrubs, and fruit plants available on site.
  • April 29-May 1: Plant your baby trees! Now, they don’t require as much care as a human baby, but simply sticking them in the ground and expecting them to know how to crawl, walk, and ride the breeze without your care or attention is just silly.

Congratulations! You are now a conservation hero. Whatever reason you have to plant trees, we thank you greatly and hope you will consider more conservation projects in the future.

Call Missaukee Conservation District at 231.839.7193 to place your order over the phone. Visit the Tree Sales tab above to order your seedlings through our online store. Stop by our office to turn in your paper order at 6180 W. Sanborn Road, Lake City.

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