Christmas is not in July

Some enjoy the numerous sales that come along this time of year that retailers enjoy calling “Christmas in July.” I am not entirely sure why this yearly occurrence bothers me. Maybe it’s because birthdasys in July should not be reminded of the mountains of snow that generally accompany the December holiday. It may also be that I believe a holiday should be celebrated when it was originally set to be celebrated…we don’t have St. Patrick’s Day in November, do we? There may be more to my dislike of “Christmas in July,” but I won’t go on anymore.

July (and the rest of summer and fall) is the time to think about your Christmas Tree farm (maybe that is where the idea came from?). Especially if it is no longer maintained as a tree ‘farm’ and has overgrown itself into something more of a forest. Maybe you would like to do something different with the numerous acres, but just aren’t sure of the options. First: you’re not the only one; Second: we have a workshop for that! Join District forester, Larry Czulesta to discuss the challenges and explore the opportunities of converting a Christmas tree farm. This workshop should give you a practical plan to making your conversion happen.

What to do with an old Christmas Tree farm:                                                                                                                   July 29, 2017 9am to 1pm at the Cherry Grove Townhall, 4830 E. M-55 .  Pre-register is required by calling the Wexford Conservation District office at 231-775-7681 ext. 3 or emailing by July 21.