Black Gold

How would you like to be rewarded for not throwing your fruits and vegetable waste into the garbage? Or even all those grass clippings and leaves that you collect when mowing or raking? It’s quite simple.  Just create a compost pile with those items, and many other things you normally throw away, and within a short time you will be rewarded with a nutrient-rich soil amendment that offers many benefits to your garden.  Don’t have time to turn your pile or just have a small amount of scraps? Vermicomposting is the way to go. It can increase plant growth, improve soils and suppress plant diseases and pests.

The Missaukee Conservation District is offering a workshop that will help you learn more about acceptable materials for composting, types of structures, preparing and maintaining your compost pile, temperatures, carbon to nitrogen ratios, water requirements, types of worms, bedding, proper food scraps, worm bins, harvesting your compost and worms, and troubleshooting tips. We will then make worm bins to take home and use for your composting needs.

Join us on Thursday, March 30, 2017 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Missaukee Conservation District building. Workshop fee is $5 for Missaukee County taxpayers; $10 for non-residents. Register by calling 231.839.7193 or at on the events tab.