Are You the Perfect Host?

Are You the Perfect Host?


Well, are you? I don’t mean party host/hostess or game show host.

Your garden plants, shrubs, and trees support butterfly eggs and larvae (babies). So, are the plants in your garden good hosts? What makes a good host? Why are butterflies important? Too many questions?

  1. I can’t tell you if the plants around your yard and garden are good hosts. I don’t know what you have.
  2. Native plants make the best hosts because they support more than a handful of species.
  3. Butterflies are important for many reasons: they are food for birds and other animals, they pollinate plants to help them reproduce, and, of course, they are beautiful!
  4. You can never ask too many questions about your garden!

Laura Quist, garden, native bee, and beneficial insect enthusiast, can answer many of your butterfly-garden related questions. At the workshop Thursday April 6, meet our area’s most common butterflies, larval host plants, identify caterpillars, and learn how to create a wildlife habitat for butterflies. Who doesn’t want more butterflies in their garden?!

Alex Hayes, 2016 AmeriCorps Member, took this photo in Missaukee Conservation District’s native garden.

“Are You the Perfect Host?” Workshop will be held at the Missaukee Conservation District, Community Room (at the Health Dept. entrance) from 6-8pm on Thursday April 6. Please RSVP by Wednesday April 5! Call, visit our office, or RSVP at our online store under the “Tree Sale” tab. Workshop fee is $5 per Missaukee County resident household, or $10 per person for out-of-county attendees.

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